#1 - Observations on Things

An 'About' Post

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I aim to post weekly about my musings, thoughts, research and observations. Topics included (but not limited to): Investing, Tech, Sports, Gaming and Self-Improvement.

What’s different about Substack vs your website?

Currently? All the same. Except I probably prefer you sign up to Substack so you can receive new posts direct to your inbox.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kalani Scarrott and I’m born and raised in Australia. I’m currently finishing up my masters at University and am just starting my Bachelors of Science, majoring in Computer Science. My general aim for my day to day life is to make Lil Improvements, consistently, day after day. Also, I’m 23 if that matters at all.

My Goals:

I want this newsletter to document what I find interesting and learn from. Selfishly I want to also improve my writing skills in the process. And hopefully, find an interesting job in the process.

I also want to create beneficial and interesting content for readers. Whether that’ll be detailed deep dives into topics, or even writing on more educational type content. Overall I want you to read something here and be able to go away with something useful or implementable in your own lives, or at the very least give you something to deeply think about.

What are my Interests?

Just some of my interest and topics I like learning about.

  • Investing

    • Particularly value/growth/micro-cap. For more see My Investing Strategy. Looking to learn more about Private markets and VC.

  • Tech

    • Just started learning Python and starting my CS degree soon. Late to the party but loving learning about all things tech so far.

  • Sports

    • Basketball, F1, Golf. Anything really. I love the competitive aspects of it and the constant desire to improve and succeed.

  • Self Improvement

    • Mental Models. Cultivating habits. Productivity tips.

  • Gaming

    • The business behind them, current trends and the future of gaming.

  • Health, nutrition and fitness

    • Living longer and stronger. Pushing and testing my body. 

  • Cooking

    • I’m straight poo at it, but I enjoy it now and again.

  • Travel

    • New people. New cultures. Different food. Different scenery.

  • Reading

    • Books & blogs.

  • Listening

    • Podcasts & audiobooks. Interesting conversations. People’s life stories.

  • Writing

    • New to my list of interests, but quickly growing in enjoyment.

Learning in Public

This newsletter is my attempt to learn in public. It’s a place where I can experiment with my writing, highlight what I’m reading and summarize what I’m learning. It won’t be perfect. In fact, it’ll be far from perfect. Whilst I’d love everything I put out to be of exceptional quality, it’s just not the aim. If I were 100% happy with what I posted, there would be barely any posts here! I’m hoping as I can look back here, I’ll be able to see my growth as not only a writer but as a human too. Not just a collection of posts, but a steady stream of new and interesting thoughts.